Tucker Tower

Welcome to Tucker Tower!  This building is the most identifiable structure within any of Oklahoma’s state parks.  It was designed and primarily built by the Works Progress Administration (WPA) during the 1930’s.  It is believed that the initial plan was for Tucker Tower to serve as a retreat for Oklahoma governors.  However, it never served that purpose and instead has been a geological museum and most recently a nature center for Lake Murray State Park.  Tucker Tower is named for Fred Tucker, who was a state senator during the time that Lake Murray was being constructed.

Tucker Tower access is gained through the Lake Murray Nature Center.  The hours are the same as the Nature Center, open daily 9-4:30 March through October. November through February, open 9-4:30 Wednesday through Sunday.  After visiting the Nature Center, you take a short walk up the path to Tucker Tower which sits on a cliff overlooking Lake Murray. There are two levels of Tucker Tower.  The main level and floor now is a museum with exhibits and displays about the history of the tower and the surrounding area.  There is a patio on the main level of the building that overlooks the lake.  This patio is some 60 feet above the surface of the lake.

Beyond the main level, there are a couple of stair cases that will take you up to the top of Tucker Tower.  The top level of the tower is 65 feet or so above the patio level.  The top of the tower has a walkway all the way around that lets you see for miles in every direction.  The best views of the lake are from Tucker Tower.  It is a great opportunity for photos of the lake.

Tucker Tower can be seen from all over the lake.  If you are camping or visiting any of the parks within Lake Murray State Park, you can usually catch a glimpse of Tucker Tower in the distance.

The views from the tower are unique and should not be missed on any trip to Lake Murray.  You can look out across the lake’s stunning blue waters.  Or you can look down at the shoreline and see the bottom of the lake on most days due to the clear waters of Lake Murray.

If you are looking for things to do at Lake Murray,  Tucker Tower and the Lake Murray Nature Center should be at the top of your list.

Please be aware there are daily parking fees now required throughout Lake Murray State Park.  These fees start at $10 per vehicle per day.  You can find more information on the parking fees on the TravelOK.com website.