Lake Murray Trails

The trail system around Lake Murray is excellent for both hikers and bikers.  The trail system consists of two main trails the Anadarche Trail and the Buckhorn Trial.  Both trails are located on the west side of Lake Murray.  Common entry points include the Pecan Grove picnic area and the Lake Murray Lodge and Cain area.

There are many offshoot sections of the main trails including Lake Shore Trail and Beaver Trail which take you closer to the lakes edge with great views of the lake.  In all, there are over ten miles of hiking and biking trails on the west side of Lake Murray.

The trails can be rocky, tree lined, sandy, and many other terrains.  There are many inclines and obstacles along the way that make for a challenging dynamic in some parts of the trail.  There are many bridges and waterways to see and travel over.  There is even a small waterfall along one of the paths.

The trails are clearly marked for the most part, but it is best to take a trail map with you if you are not familiar with the trails.  Please also note that many parts of the trail are rural so it is possible to see deer and other wild animals.

Water and restrooms are available along some of the trails, but you should pack accordingly with water and other items you might need.

This is a beautiful trail system that is perfect for any hiker and biker.  Enjoy!

Below is a trail map for your reference.  Please click on either map to enlarge.

Please be aware there are daily parking fees now required throughout Lake Murray State Park.  These fees start at $10 per vehicle per day.  You can find more information on the parking fees on the website.