Boat Ramps

There are a number of boat ramps on Lake Murray that provide boating access to the lake.  Many of the park and camping areas within the state park have boat ramps.  Below are the boat ramps that we know of.

Please be aware there are daily parking fees now required throughout Lake Murray State Park.  These fees start at $10 per vehicle per day.  You can find more information on the parking fees on the website.

Lake Murray Marina Ramp

There is a nice two lane boat ramp in Lake Murray Marina.  This ramp has access to the marina and marina ship store.  There is a nice dock next to the ramp.

Buzzard’s Roost Ramp

There is a good two lane ramp in the Buzzard’s Roost campground area.  This ramp does tend to be closed at lower lake levels.

Marietta Landing Ramp

If you are looking for a good ramp on the lower end of the lake, you cannot go wrong with the Marietta Landing boat ramp.  This ramp has a nice boat dock next to the ramp.  This ramp does tend to close during the winter season.

Rock Tower Ramp

There is a good boat ramp located in the Rock Tower campground area.

Martins Landing Ramp

If you are on the west side of Lake Murray, there is a good ramp in the Martins Landing campground area.  This ramp is right next to the beach of the campground.  The area tends to be fairly shallow.

North Boat Ramp

The north boat ramp is on the north end of the lake near the northern entrance to Lake Murray State Park.  This is the only ramp that is not within a park / campground.

Elephant Rock and Tipp’s Point Ramps

There are boat ramps within the Elephant Rock and Tipp’s Point campgrounds.  The Tipp’s Point ramp does have a boat dock next to the ramp.  There is an entry fee into this park / campground area.  None of the other ramps on the lake require a fee.

Please contact the Lake Murray State Park office for questions about boat ramp closures.